Tata Safari

Introducing The All-New Tata Safari, Get Ready To Reclaim Your Life.

The All- New Tata Safari draws a strong inspiration from the Safari lineage and enhances its pedigree of impeccable SUV stance, comfort, performance and robust build. It is also the second vehicle based on OMEGARC, derived from the renowned D8 platform of Land Rover.

Tata Safari is a true personification of luxury and power, and will set new benchmarks in terms of Design, Performance, versatility and long lasting build quality.

All-New Tata Safari is a benchmark in terms of design, performance, versatility, and long lasting build quality. The All-New Safari is born to ‘Reclaim their Life’ with its majestic stance, unmatched performance, effortless drivability, and top it with luxurious comfort, new age connected technology, spacious interiors.

For over two decades, Tata Safari has represented prestige and performance, and in its new avatar, the Tata Safari will carry forward this rich idea and strong legacy with its exciting features and specifications.

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